Shallow and Deep H2O Instructor Certification (all inclusive fee)


Included in package: videos: 230, 206, 178, 64, 211, 192,186, 208,008, 072, 192, 181 , 188, 190, 207, 193,184, with Comprehensive Exam (6 months to complete examination process) and candidates have  two options on completing theory and practical portion of the exam.

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Our most popular and group exercise foundation program explores shallow and deep water depths. The program will provide candidates with a template for blending exercise science with the properties of water. Learn to create a safe, balanced and total body aquafit program. Our fitness leadership journey takes participants through both theory and practical testing/certification. Candidates do not have to be a lifeguard or have any experience to join this the program. Candidates will have up to six months to complete the certification after the training.

All instructors will need to adhere to their health & safety guidelines in their district or at their facility. Whether you call this aqua aerobics, water-fit, water exercise, H2O Fitness – we welcome anyone interested in leading and teaching vertical water fitness to enroll in this course!

This enhanced program comes with tutorials (guided power point presentation by a WaterART Master Trainer), educational and follow a long workouts. Shallow water depth is waist to chest depth with feet on the pool bottom. Deep water depths are typically 4 feet or greater and participants use either buoyancy belt or noodle to assist their body position without touching the pool bottom.

WaterART highly recommends this foundation program (or Shallow H2O Instructor Certification if only teaching shallow depth) prior to any other Water Fitness course or training program so that you learn how to create safe, effective and enjoyable lesson plans.


Course materials

Table of Contents & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1 Welcome New Instructors to Aquatic Fitness!
Chapter 2 The Science of Exercise Design
Chapter 3 WaterART Blueprint & Lesson Planning
Chapter 4 The Power of Water – Pool Lab & Class Design
Chapter 5 The Science of the Moving Body
Chapter 6 Aquatic Fitness – Flexibility Training
Chapter 7 Aquatic Fitness – Cardiovascular Training
Chapter 8 Deep H2o Training
Chapter 9 Functional Fitness
Chapter 10 Combining a Shallow & Deep H20 Programs
Chapter 11 The Aquatic Noodle
Chapter 12 Aquatic Equipment Overview
Chapter 13  The Art of Leadership
Chapter 14 Make the Most of your Music
Chapter 15 Pool Safety Considerations
Chapter 16 Handouts & Resources
Chapter 17  Answers to Study Questions
Chapter 18 How to Complete the Certification Process
Certification Practical Assessment Marking Templates

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