Exam Process

The goal of the WaterART Certification programs is to provide the highest standard of theoretical, practical and leadership skills to become an excellent Instructor, Trainer, Specialist or Fitness Consultant. Certification Programs are divided into 2 categories.

For Comprehensive Certification

All candidates must complete both theory exam and practical assessment to become fully certified. Our programs exceed the standard of care and will provide the professional with the skills and competencies to deliver successful and safe programs.

For Specialty Certification

Candidates only complete theory exam if currently certified and qualified by WaterART Fitness. New or expired candidates complete both theory exam and practical assessment to become fully certified.  This process is specific to either land or water qualifications.

  • Candidates currently H2O certified will need to complete both theory and practical examinations in order to obtain a Land certifications.
  • Candidates currently Land certified will need to complete both theory and practical examinations in order to obtain H2O certirfications.

Common Questions

No. Sharing of exams and materials is strictly prohibited for both liability and copyright reasons.

Option 1 - Online Exam:

Candidates must request a link by email or phone from our office when they are ready to take the theory exam.

  • The online consists of questions and a lesson plan upload.
    (Please allow 2 hours of uninterrupted time to complete and submit your online exam.)
  • Prior to requesting link we recommend that candidates prepare a 45-60 minute lesson plan to be uploaded (PDF or word docx, doc file).
  • Candidates will have one time to submit as part of the registration fees. Other attempts will be charged $35.00 + applicable taxes and invoices will be entered in as a redo fee. (Please order in the service fee section.)
  • Each exam will be a randomized block of questions, unique for each candidate. 

Option 2 - Open Book Exam:

Should a candidate not have internet or prefer a paper exam they may independently request our open book exam

All other candidates must submit the theory exam first, and, when successful, complete the practical assessment. 

The exception is when the candidate has prepared for an onsite practical assessment:

  1. Reviewed the materials
  2. Reviewed video's,
  3. Reviewed manual
  4. Study guide materials with the Master Trainer,

at the Master Trainer’s discretion.

Candidates may submit practical exams via video file on a USB stick at the same time as the written submission. Lesson plans (PDF/Word .docx/Google Doc format) are required in the video submission exam form.

All candidates must score a grade of 75% on all exams to become certified & qualified.

There is a detailed marking system and exam study guide questions and answer in the manual. Please review this prior to submission. 

All re-write of theory exams or re-takes of practical assessments are $35.00/ exam per attempt. Unlimited attempts available.

All exams must be completed within 6 months of the training date or home study purchase.

  • Late exams will be subject to a $35.00 late fee per exam.
  • Exams will NOT be accepted after 12 month from the training date.
  • To fast track the examination process, we recommend that you order and review your course materials prior to the course.

Once both parts of the certification are completed report cards are written and we email the report card to you.

If successful - you will receive an official WaterART Certified E-Diploma, Online profile or account that you may log into to show your employer or check your qualifications and expiration's.

If a candidate has multiple certifications, all certifications will have the same common renewal date (which is two years from the passing date of the most recent exam). When successfully completing another level of Certification before the candidates expiration date, there will be no fee will be required and candidates will automatically be issued an electronic Certification Diplomas from the passing date of the newest qualification.

All candidates will need to maintain their own Emergency Safety Qualifications (current Life-guard Qualification or a valid CPR/FIRST AID/AED). Certification Diplomas are NOT Valid without Emergency Safety Qualifications.

Note: Certified Instructors or Trainers are eligible for Liability Insurance coverage through OFC in Canada or Sport & Fitness USA.

Read More on WaterART Insurance

Practical Assessment Questions

Option 1: Online Video Upload:

  • Request a link when you are ready to upload a lesson plan and your video file(s) (in MOV or MP4 files).
  • Video uploads will only be accepted through our Google Drive forms.
Option 2: Practical Onsite Assessment with a Certified Master Trainer:
  • Involves the candidates preparing a 30 minute program.
  • Organize a mutually beneficial time to show your practical assessment. Often there is a group.
  • Each candidate will be teaching other instructors who are attending the assessment date or (if alone) teaching the Master Trainer.

All candidates are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Understanding of the exercise objective.
  2. If presentation is easy to see, hear and follow. Did the Instructor monitor intensity and regulate intensity?
  3. Was the program safe and effective?
  4. Was program enjoyable?
  5. Were there modifications and progressions given to provide self paced exercise?

Tips: Be sure to review your video and see marking templates in manual.


The goal is to mark the instructor, so we need to be able to see, hear and understand your exercise goals and coaching tips.

  • We suggest you proof your video submission prior to upload so that you may see if you can follow the program.
  • Remember, teaching is moving as an instructor, not just reading off a paper.
  • You may utilize the lesson plan but should only briefly refer to it when necessary.
  • A good program will be a flow with a variety of exercises that everyone may easily understand and follow. 

We accept MOV/MP4 format video files. Ideally request a private link to upload your files. We do not accept other platforms for you to send videos to us.

Please film your practical video at the lowest or smallest quality file size (most compact file).

  • You may upload up to 5 sections of video at 1 GB each.
  • Label your files when uploaded.

Not Accepted File Types:

  1. A video file larger than 1 GB
  2. A compressed file, .zip file 

Video uploads will only be accepted through our Google Drive forms.

If you cannot upload successfully - you may choose to snail mail your submission via USB stick.

The goal of the video upload is to film yourself (the instructor) so that we may both hear and see you.


You may film the program in your home (as if you are on deck) or teach from a pool, or a combination of the two.

  • We recommend you keep your filming very simple, with just yourself in the video, pretending to be teaching a group exercise program.

Onsite practical assessment should includes:

  • Answering a couple of oral safety questions prior to teaching your program
  • Teaching a 5-10 minute warm up (specific to the topic and safety)
  • Teaching a 3-5 minute Cardiovascular Set Teaching
  • Teaching two 3-5 minute Strength sets (be sure to perform enough sets & reps with or without equipment or you may utilize a functional fitness set/segment). Please note if the candidate decides to utilize equipment, use of equipment must meet safety and efficacy guidelines.
  • 5-10 minute Cool Down/Warm Down which includes Stretching, relaxation and positive affirmations or closure to the program.

You may upload up to 5 sections of video at 1GB each. 

Please label each file in a proper order so that the assessor may easily follow your presentation.

You can find the next onsite assessment in our Event Calendar. If you are having trouble finding your location, please Email Us