V072 Shallow H2O Splash Workout


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Join Julie for a follow-along shallow water exercise class. This is an upbeat and energetic program designed for active and healthy participants.

The program reviews a full warm-up with active stretching and preparation for the joints, mixed with intervals of cardiovascular and muscular sets. The end segment contains active stretching and relaxation exercises to complete a balanced and safe program. The pool noodle is utilized for a variety of exercises for both strength and supported suspended working positions.

This video provides an excellent overview for the new instructor to learn how to balance muscle sets with cardiovascular training while keeping everyone moving and energized.  It will also help the “seasoned” instructor generate new ideas to revitalise their programs. They demonstrate safe deck work as well as showing detailed underwater footage with precise water movement for these exercises. This footage will help instructors gain a better understanding of the technique required for success.

Educational Videos offer a multitude of exercise inventory and ideas. Often in a program you can’t teach or train every exercise and variety and progress are the cornerstones of efficacy.

This video has two parts.

Learning Objectives

  1. Safe deck work
  2. Safe strength training
  3. Functional filler moves


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