Certification Renewal

During Corona Virus Pandemic:

To help all of our professionals out, please note that all timelines to complete certification and re-certification programs have been extended for a minimum of 4 months without penalty fees. This took effect March 17, 2020 and will run until July 17, 2020. If you register for a course (home study, 16.0 CEC course) all candidates will be automatically renewed or updated with their qualifications. Candidates who are completing another level or certification will be given 4 extra months to complete.
Certified/Enthusiast members have unlimited APP streaming on their purchased programs and are given 4 extra months with their purchase or 16 months in total.

All Certified Instructors  have 2 options to renew any level Certification

option 1) Complete 16 hours of CECs via either onsite or home study training. Of the 16 hours of recertification hours, a minimum of 8 hours must be specific to WaterART training. For home study training, you may purchase DVD’s & you can do a buy a CEC quiz for 2.0 credits/video or DVD. Everyone must purchase their own resources -we don’t allow sharing. A great option is to take 16.0 CEC home study program. When you register for this – your qualifications are automatically updated for two years and renewal fee is included. Check online for onsite courses on a regular basis as we add daily.

option 2) Complete another level of certification (prior to your current certification expiring). In doing so, this will  automatically renew your existing levels & the bonus is that you do not pay a renewal fee. Realize that your renewal is 2 years from when you pass the exam. When purchasing another certification,  you would receive 10 months to complete the examination process  -since we are updating your qualifications when you purchase this program to lesson the stress and to help your out through this very difficult time.

Please contact us if you have questions or you need further help or extensions. Our goal is to help you to help others be well.


Step 1

  • Check if your certification up to date.
  • Emergency safety is up to date.

Step 2

Select renewal option below:

  • Option 1: 16 Hours CEC from Home Study or Onsite Events/ Up to 8 Hours Non-WaterART hours.
  • Option 2: Complete another level certification and get a free renewal.

Step 3

  • Pay renewal fee if applicable for either on-time or late; if select Option 1.

Please note, there’s additional fee for late renewal, read more at certification fees.

Step 4

  • Once submit all pertinent paper works, all qualifications will be updated to your profile.
  • Processing time is one to two weeks.
Non WaterART Hours Certification Renewal Checklist PDF 
*must be onsite training course
*must submit payment and paperwork together

Option One

  • Complete Minimum 16 Hours CEC

    Complete minimum of 16.0 CEC hours (either on-site CEC workshop hours or quizzes for videos you have purchased).

  • Up to 8 hours of Non WaterART Hours

    If submitting Non WaterART Fitness hours (up to 8 hours), a candidate must submit a renewal form with payment and appropriate paper work (see criteria below). If you prefer pre-approval, you can pay the service fee in advance.

Get Your Materials

Pick Your Own Hours

Each quiz is worth 2.0 hours of CEC’s

Option Two

  • Complete WaterART Certification

    Choose from Comprehensive Certifications or Specialty Certifications. Achieving another level of qualification will renew and update all Certifications for 2 years from passing date of the newest certification level. WaterART Certification programs are available via home study education or onsite training events.

Learn More About CEC

Each Instructor must obtain 16 CECs hours program (Continuing Education Credits) within the 2-year certification period prior to their expiry date to qualify for renewal. 

Candidates may complete:

  • On-site CECs Workshops 
  • Home Study Quiz Hours (All videos have corresponding quizzes).

All CEC hours that have been obtained or registered directly with WaterART Fitness, are kept on file.

Once the candidate has obtained these hours, all certification levels will be renewed for 2 years from the expiration date with the submission of this renewal form with payment.

For example, if the expiration date is August 24, 2020, CEC hours must be achieved between August 24, 2018 and August 24, 2020.

You can find the next on-site CEC Workshop in our Event Calendar. If you are having trouble finding your location, please Email Us

Quizzes never expire from date when purchased. However, candidates may not reuse the same quiz for different renewal period. Each quiz is worth 2.0 hours of CEC's.

Non-WaterART Fitness Hours

To submit NON WaterART CECs for a maximum of 8.0 credits you submit the following (scan/email /mail):

  • Certificate of course completion (this should include date of onsite training, hours of training, location of training name of workshop and  Master Trainer/presenter /official signature,
  • Short agenda or overview itemizing hourly breakdown of the course (We need to see that you have completed enough hours.),
  • Instructor biography of Master Trainer/presenter/official signature or teacher of program, 
  • Pay a review fee for Non WaterART hours/ submit full payment with mandatory WaterART 8.0 CEC hours with renewal of certification fee.

Non WaterART Hours Certification Renewal Checklist 

These hours could be from the following any approved courses through reputable educational providers such as a University, College, FPAO/OFC, ACE, APFA, NFLA. YMCA, coaching, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, adult learning courses, anatomy, biomechanics, injury risk, University transcripts for Exercise Science courses etc.

Examples of 8 hours are :

which must be specific to WaterART Fitness.

You may also purchase quizzes and videos. Each quiz is worth 2.0 hours of CEC's.

Each individual must purchase their own as we don't allow sharing of CEC's/Quizzes/videos.

  • WaterART Fitness does not accept pre-choreographed training programs since this does not allow for individual modifications nor self paced exercise design.
  • WaterART Fitness does not accept Non WaterART Home Study Programs, because of they have not been approved by our insurance provider.
  • WaterART Fitness does not accept emergency safety hours as part of the CEC renewal hours (as you need this in addition to your 16.0 CEC hours)

Non WaterART hours will only be reviewed once we have received

  1. All of the above paperwork /pre-review payment,
  2. Minimum of 8.0 CEC WaterART Hours,
  3. Maximum of 8.0 Non- WaterART Hours,
  4. Certification Renewal payment.

Common Questions

You may simply Email Us, phone or fax in your application.


Download your application PDF

If you have applied or trained for a new certification but do not complete this before your current WaterART Certification expiry date, you will be required to:

  1. Pay a LATE renewal fee,
  2. Complete a new practical assessment.

If a candidate has multiple certifications, all certifications will have the same common renewal date (which is two years from the passing date of the most recent exam). When successfully completing another level of Certification before the candidates expiration date, there will be no fee will be required and candidates will automatically be issued an electronic Certification Diplomas from the passing date of the newest qualification.

Successfully completed another level of certification before the expiration date:

  • No fee will be required,
  • Candidates will automatically be issued electronic Certification Diplomas from the passing date.

If hard copies are required, a charge of $15.00 shipping fee is required.

Yes. All candidates will need to maintain their own Emergency Safety Qualifications, such as:

  • current life-guard qualification,
  • valid CPR/FIRST AID/AED.

This is written on the Certification Diploma as dates typically do not coincide.

No. You may find out how to and more about our Membership Program.