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There is always a need for Full Time Instructors or Part Time Instructors as the fitness industry is growing on a daily basis.

Instructors are expanding and changing their career options with both Water and Land fitness. Since the pandemic there is a severe shortage of qualified Instructors and Trainers. The opportunities are now!

The one thing WaterART Fitness understands is that there seems to never be enough Qualified & Certified Instructors. With that said instructors are all ages, fitness levels, and come from a variety of educational and/training backgrounds including: retired teachers, nurses, fitness participant, swimmer, lifeguard or simply new and interested. There is no perfect background for an instructor; however, if you are interested and passionate about helping people to improve their health and well-being, then this could be a great career option to choose.

Everyone learns uniquely. Most instructors need more practical applications to fully comprehend the process.

All Certification programs involve a good balance of both theory education and practical teaching skills. They all have unique manuals, reference cards, study guide questions and answers as well as excellent videos to supplement visual learning.

All courses are for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY. Each person must purchase their own course or onsite materials for certification. 

Exams must be completed in your own time within 6 months  of training (via onsite,  home study or Virtual sessions). Completing sooner gives you more opportunities!

Candidates chooses how they learn best as well as we give you options on the testing. You may choose to learn via Virtual Training, Home Study Training or Onsite Training education. Everyone receives the same learning materials and exam options for completing their examination process to achieve full certification and qualifications.

Virtual Training  Sessions are guided live dates and times via Zoom Video Conferencing guided with a Master Trainer.

Onsite Training is guided by Master Trainer at a local set up by the facility.

Home Study education may be done in the convenience of your home on your own time.  WaterART provides the ongoing guidance and help as you grow into the position.

The Goal of our Functional Weight Bearing Exercises

  • Help Instructors provide safe and appropriate exercise inventory

    Whether senior exercises or regular clientele, training one on one or small or large groups, participants may range in terms of ages, skills, goals and health issues. The goal of any program is to train the instructor to monitor and regulate intensity level so that all participants are trained at their personal best (not too much or too little intensity). WaterART is a system of teaching exercises for multi-level programming with focus on exercise progressions and modifications.

  • Offer more specialized training for programs

    WaterART Fitness offers variety of Comprehensive and Specialty Training on Land and/or Aqua Fitness. This helps the professional to diversify their skills and provide variety in programming such as training for people with Arthritis and Movement Disorders, Mind Body and Well-Being, the Senior Exercises and Aging Well, Kids and Family Fitness, Weight Management and Post-Rehabilitation. Whether Personal Training or providing group exercise, programs will allow the professional to deliver safety and efficacy tips to reach their results - sooner. If you are new to fitness leadership, we recommend that you begin your career with comprehensive programs then specialize;however, if you come from another organization or training background - we encourage you to begin learning the program - you feel you will be most interested in. There is no perfect pathway and everything is possible.

  • Safety first

    WaterART recommends that all programs are taught in a creative and flexible self paced exercise manner. Learning the foundation of exercise science design is the key for understanding how to make exercise effective and why exercise is beneficial. All instructors must achieve emergency safety qualifications prior to becoming full qualified. Candidates may take the course and complete these requirements after the course or training. For water certification candidates may also utilize their life-guarding qualifications for emergency safety. Note, life-guarding qualifications do not qualify candidates to teach aqua fitness exercise. Realize employers may require different emergency safety standards (Standard versus basic emergency safety) so we recommend to also check with them.

Career Options

Certified Fitness Instructors may work in many styles of both public and private locations.

  • Retirement Communities
  • Assisted Living
  • Virtual Training Online
  • Community Centers
  • Condominiums,
  • Private Clubs,
  • Schools,
  • JCC,
  • YMCAs,
  • YWCAs
  • Corporations,
  • as well as you may specialize and work pools in private homes. 

There are really endless opportunities.

How Do I Get Started In The Fitness Industry?

Check out the fitness program in your area (that you would enjoy working at)  and get to know their requirements.

  • Take part in a wide variety of fitness classes or personal training sessions.
  • Decide what style of fitness program interests you the most.
  • Volunteer your services.
  • Talk to class participants, find out their goals and/or needs for a program.
  • Talk to facility directors, instructors, personal trainers find out if they will help you with training.
  • Investigate new trends

Where Can I Look For A Job?

  • All community centers, condominiums, private clubs, YMCAs, YWCAs, Spas and Golf clubs may have fitness facilities and pools that offer job opportunities.
  • Check out your local fitness facilities looking for group instructors.
  • Check bulletin boards for people looking for a personal trainer.
  • Large companies with fitness centers, vacation centers, hotels, and cruise ships
  • Check out Job Postings

How To Become Certified?

To become Certified each candidate is required to complete both theory and practical sections of the exam with a passing grade of 75% for each segment.

Instructors may become Certified and qualified either via Onsite or Virtual Education or combination of the two (you complete training at a scheduled location guided by a Certified WaterART Master Trainer) or Home Study Education (at home with self learning techniques).

The examination process is the same whether you complete onsite, virtual or  home study education. Choose method that suits your learning style, time and schedule. All programs have up to six months to complete exam process after training or purchase. 

What Do The Industry Standards Require?

Industry standards require that all instructors be certified and qualified by an approved organization such as WaterART Fitness International. 

Standard of care in the industry is being competent with both theoretical and practical skills. Exercise Safety and liability protection is the most important reason to achieve certification. Instructors who achieve certification are eligible for insurance and liability protection cost effectively.

Do I Need To Become Certified Before I Start Teaching?

  • Definitely YES

  • Realize that it is extremely important to become certified for the type of fitness you will be teaching. (land or water, group or personal training, specialty training versus general training)

  • For instance: if you are only interested in group instruction for healthy people then a general certification may be adequate.

  • If you plan to advance to teach in a specialized area such as for an Arthritis or Rehabilitation Program, you will need to upgrade your certification for that specialty level.  Never claim to be knowledgeable in an area of fitness for which you have not received a valid level of certification.

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