About our Certification Programs

Comprehensive Certification

Foundation programs to help the professional understand the art of exercise science. Provides standard of care as a professional.

  • H2O Comprehensive Certification

    Shallow & Deep H2O Instructor, Senior H2O Instructor, Personal Trainer H2O Specialist, Rehabilitation for General Populations H2O Instructor, Rehabilitation for Athletic Populations H2O Instructor,

  • Land Comprehensive Certification

    Land Fitness Instructor, Senior Land Instructor, Sit & Stand 80+ Instructor, Weight Management Consultant

  • Exam Process

    All candidates must complete both a theory exam and a practical assessment to become fully Certified.

Specialty Certification

Specialize in educational programs that are unique. Liability insurance recommends the professional become certified when for teaching these sessions.

  • H2O Specialty Certification

    Arthritis, Pre & Post natal, Common Movement Disorders, Mind Body, Parent & Tot/Toddler, H2O Running, H2O Walking, Kids, Shape Up and H2O Train

  • Land Specialty Certification

    Arthritis, Common Movement Disorders, Managing a Healthy Weight

  • Exam Process

    Current WaterART Certified Candidates need to complete the theory exam only. All new or candidate with expired certifications are required to complete both the theory exam and practical assessment to become certified.

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