V230 – Intro to Shallow & Deep Water Tutorial



March 1 2023- We updated this video to V230/V295 since we no longer must adhere to covid safety guidelines. With that in mind, if we do have people with low immune systems V230-1  may be helpful.

This video will provide the how to plan a lesson plan  for everyone –and one size does not fit all . When planning a class you have to choose and teach  moves that can be adjusted to suit each individual in their preferred water depth – realizing all depths may work!

Depending upon the pool, you can choose between shallow, transitional or deep-water depths and a combination of all. Although it is preferable to keep everyone in the same class in the same depth of water this is not always possible, therefore you must be aware of the similarities and differences found at each depth and train your clients accordingly. It is possible to teach the same biomechanical moves to all clients but they must be trained to use the water safely, maintain good body alignment and perform each movement correctly. Teach the moves suitable for the class advertised, and demonstrate  the different levels of intensity and/or modifications that can be used for each water depth. Always allow your participants to choose their own level and to “work-out at their own pace”. Always remember that an instructor is responsible for everyone in the pool they teach – so making sure that the move is appropriate to the water depth. In other words you cannot jump in the deep water and all suspended movements in shallow (without buoyancy equipment) are advanced. Keep peopel moving an avoid letting people simply to hang out or chat or disrupt your classes.

  1. Difference between Shallow & Deep H2O
  2. Benefits of muscle balancing Shallow & Deep H2O
  3. Lesson planning options for classes in Shallow & Deep H2O

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