Land Fitness Certification

WaterART Fitness offers many levels of on-site and home study education. We specialize in education for instructors, group instructors personal trainers, health care providers and consumers. We offer both land and water fitness programs either via onsite training or home study education.

WaterART is an acronym for understanding how to design purposeful programs. We believe that the Application of Science is an Art. Our goal is to help with understanding functional fitness – training on land to improve well-being and activities of daily living. We encourage our professionals to explore many career paths whether working part -time or full time in the industry. Working with aging populations will require specialized training and a leader must design programs that will help the individual participant gain results whether in a group or training individually. We have developed education for general programming as well as more specific programming so that a profession may specialize their skills to provide more teaching opportunities.

Comprehensive Certification Programs requiring both practical and theory examinations.
Specialty Certification Programs requiring only a theory exam if the candidate has Comprehensive Certification. Expired or new candidates will have to complete both parts of the examination process.

WaterART offers  Full Certification via complete home study as well as guided by a Certified Master Trainer at an onsite training event. Both options may be purchased online and whether you complete home study or onsite package – you receive the exact same training materials – and may read and view the videos to prepare for the examination process. The added bonus is onsite training gives you guidance via a Certified Master Trainer for practical skills and drills.

We know that not all programs are easily accessible onsite as we do require 10 interested individuals to host an onsite training program at your facility. Please note that  WaterART does combine both full certifications and workshops as already certified instructors must achieve CECs (continuing educational course hours to meet the re-certification standard of care every two years) and new instructors benefit greatly with any onsite experience.

Reviewing any level of certification is always an excellent option.

Whether candidates complete onsite training or home study training – they complete the same examination process and have the same options for completing the exam process.

There is no difference in the type of skills that are learned or in the material covered in both types of training.  The only difference is individual learning style. Some instructors are more kinetic and getting up moving is helpful. Others have a great background with teaching so that is the easy part and remembering the exercises is a challenge. All candidates receive video streaming that they may refer back to -even if they have completed the certification. We know learning is dynamic and adding to your inventory and repertoire is key to grow the aquatic fitness industry.

Here are the introduction or foundation Home Study Fitness Instructor Certification options. All candidates will have up to six months after the training date or purchase of home study materials to complete the examination process (all new candidates or expired candidates are required to complete both theoretical exam and practical assessment – for a facility this is an excellent tool to check the Instructors competencies.

Please read Host a Training Event for more information on our onsite training programs.

Comprehensive Certifications

Land Instructor Certification

This course will prepare the instructor with the fundamentals of land group exercise including: low impact fitness, step training, Taekwonaerobics, muscular strengthening, core training, functional fitness and total body stretching.

The goal of this certification is to help instructors facilitate easy-to-follow routines for multi-level programs. The course will teach you how to use music effectively as well as how to develop basic exercise patterns.

This program will help you create a program using specialty programs such as ball exercise, muscular strengthening with fit bands, cardiovascular step training, dance, martial arts in addition to relaxation and stretch programming. It is best for apparently healthy participants with no limitations. If you are interested in teaching a senior-oriented class, you are welcome to complete our other Senior Land Certifications first.

Land Gentle Senior Sit & Stand Chair Exercise Instructor Certification

Although everyone can benefit from exercise, perhaps no other portion of the population will benefit as greatly from regular, consistent exercise as the older adult. It is important to understand the relationship between age-related physical changes and exercise when planning a program for older adults.

The goal is overall physical improvement, and WaterART’s Gentle Sit and Stand Chair Exercise program can improve quality of life by decreasing pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints while increasing joint range of motion, agility, balance and strength. Because so many people of differing abilities exist, the level of activity in each program must be geared to individual needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Providing variety while emphasizing mobility with pain-free range of motion is the most important requirement for this population.


Land Senior Instructor Certification

The Land Senior Instructor Comprehensive Certification is our most popular land program for those teaching aging populations. This practical approach to facilitating classes for an aging population with a variety of medical conditions reviews safe and efficient guidelines.

Other topics explored include functional and age-related problems, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary diseases, movement disorders, arthritis, and common joint problems.

This training will focus on functional exercise sets for helping seniors maintain their activities of daily living (ADLs). Techniques for cardiovascular training, muscular strengthening, flexibility, balance, posture and gait will be reviewed for progression of overall health. Let’s help 60+ adults become independent and improve activities of daily living with enjoyable exercise!


Specialty Certifications

Land Arthritis Instructor Correspondence Certification

Nearly half of the population over the age of 65 has some form of arthritis or painful limitation. The Land Arthritis Instructor Certification incorporates chair exercises in both sitting and standing positions with a gentle, light-low impact sculpting program. The goal is to provide the instructor with a variety of cardiovascular, endurance, strength, mobility and balance exercises for helping individual clients improve their daily function and living while easing pain in their body.

This program will help your clients balance their muscles for strength and flexibility, which is greatly beneficial for their daily lives. Equipment such as chairs, resistance bands and weights will be used.

Land Common Movement Disorders Instructor

Gentle exercise can help those living with movement disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease and other common neuromuscular disorders. The goal of this certification is to give instructors a well-balanced and functional program to improve the quality of life for clientele living with these challenges. This will also help improve their well-being, and maintain or enhance their physical performance.

Components of seated and standing exercises will be reviewed to provide a total body approach to exercise for those with movement disorders. Working at a self-paced, gentle intensity will help maintain function and well-being.



Weight Management Programs

Comprehensive Certification

Managing A Healthy Weight Instructor Certification

Upgrade your skills and complete this program emphasizing wellness and positive lifestyle change. Whether you are learning healthy habits for your own personal use, or looking for tips on how to apply them to your classes, this program is excellent for helping everyone manage a healthy weight. Losing weight and becoming more healthy is the #1 reason people attend a program!

The Managing a Healthy Weight workbook combined with an instructional video will take you through pertinent information on basic nutrition and strategies to improve your lifestyle.



Specialty Certification

Weight Management Consultant Certification

As a certified Weight Management Consultant you will get the tools to confidently deliver the 10-week Managing a Healthy Weight program. This certification may be facilitated as an adjunct to group exercise programs or as a new program to attract and maintain people struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle. You will receive all the materials necessary to get this program off the ground! This training will provide the instructor with a system that will help their trainee incorporate behavioural strategies and techniques to create a positive lifestyle change. The program will emphasize regular physical activity, proper nutrition and a healthy body image.