What is WaterART Fitness?

WaterART Fitness International is
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Who We teach


We need Instructors of all ages, backgrounds and learning styles. As long as there is a will = there is a way. Instructors may evolve from being a participants in a class, a lifeguard, teacher,  nurse or anyone interested in helping to  people to better health and wellness.

Personal Trainers

Working one on one or a small group will be an excellent way to help people. Trainers  who want to expand their career horizons to will love these more detailed programs. We recommend starting with general programming then build on your knowledge with more specialized programs.

Healthcare Providers

Rehabilitation, post rehabilitation   and active living is a huge part of the WaterART system of exercise design. Our programs will help lifestyle enrichment community leaders, nurses aids, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, recreational therapists, kinsiologists, athletic therapists and more build safe, effective and enjoyable programs.


All of our educational resources and fitness equipment may be purchased to help clients to achieve their personal best results with fitness and aging well. All programs demonstrate  how an individual may work through progressively to attain better health and well-being. Check out our Enthusiast membership and Aging Well App.

Our Mandate

WaterART Fitness Training & Certification Programs is the integration of Exercise Design so as to empower our clientele in the individualization of their workout sessions. Exercise Science is the foundation for Fitness. Motivating and making education enjoyable is an ART.

WaterART Fitness International has been developed to provide fitness leaders with quality education that motivates their clients. The courses are based on most documented and current research. 

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to raise the global Fitness Industry Standards through: 

  1. Research – based Education, 
  2. Superior Equipment and Resources,
  3. A Dynamic Professional Image through a Dress for Success program
  4. Understanding the difference between land fitness, swimming & aqua fitness
  5. Understand the difference between group exercise and specialty programming.

Standards Of Care

WaterART Fitness is the recognized Aquatic Fitness provider for the Ontario Fitness Council (OFC)  & Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario (FPAO).

Our goal is to promotes and implement the highest standards for Certification for training  and registration of exercise professionals globally.

The goal is to

  • work collaboratively to develop and distribute resources for exercise professionals

  • are a national and international advocate for exercise professionals;

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