H2O Rehab for Athletic Populations Certification


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This intensive program will detail the six rehabilitation phases for regional rehabilitation. We will guide you through a progressive exercise inventory that  will focus on the neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle issues.  We will provide you with a complete water specific exercise inventory for the aforementioned conditions.

This specific program is appropriate for post-rehabilitation sports enthusiasts and/or athletes.  All candidates must complete and submit a series of case studies.



In order to gain the most out of this program and become successful, the following are required:

  1. To have completed at least 3 levels of WaterART Certification or equivalent
  2. Hold one of the following certifications: Registered Kin, Registered PT, RT, OT, AT or PTA.

Only Registered Allied Health Care Providers may utilize the title Therapist. however, everyone is welcome to take the program and learn from this program.

Course materials

  • H2O Post Rehabilitation Instructor Manual for Athletic Populations (395 pages)
  • Study Guide Questions & Practical Case Study reviews
  • 20 Laminated protocol cards to utilize for poolside reference to remember the complete exercise inventory
  • 12 Laminated protocol cards to utilize for poolside reference to remember the six protocols
  • Online streaming of the following videos:
    • DVD043-Aquatic Rehabilitation for Lower Extremities
    • DVD044-Aquatic Rehabilitation for Spine
    • DVD045-Aquatic Rehabilitation for Upper Extremities
    • DVD046 Part 1-Anatomy of the Lower Extremities
    • DVD046 Part 2-Anatomy of the Spine
    • DVD046 Part 3-Anatomy of the Upper Extremities
  • Certification Exam Process
  • Online profile and Certification E-diploma when successful with examination process

Table of Contents & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Anatomy and Function
Chapter 3 The WaterART System
Chapter 4 Tools of Aquatic Rehabilitation Design
Chapter 5 Common Cervical Conditions
Chapter 6 Common Shoulder Conditions
Chapter 7 Common Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Conditions
Chapter 8 Common Hip Conditions
Chapter 9 Common Knee Conditions
Chapter 10 Common Ankle Conditions
Chapter 11 Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
Chapter 12 Rehabilitation Assessments
Chapter 13 Referral Notes and Intake Forms
Grading Buoyancy
Student Handouts

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