WaterART Fitness Education and Certification

Land & Aquatic Fitness Education

Practical and enjoyable education for everyone. Choose the career path that suits your learning style via Onsite, Virtual or Home Study Education.

There are 244  videos streaming options via WaterART Fitness Educational App (free via App Store for Apple products or Google Play for Android products). 
We offer Vimeo Video Streaming for virtual/live training and showcasing events. Vimeo streams on all devices and computers.

  • Aqua Gym Kit with Flex Paddles with WaterART Belt

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  • Aquafit Striped Super Noodle (individual)

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  • WaterART Mitts (choose from blue, green, purple, turquoise)

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  • Shallow and Deep H2O Instructor Certification (includes tutorials)

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The Next Events

Here at WaterART, we offer training events, certification workshops and CEC workshops all over the United States and Canada. Get involved!

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