Sports Conditioning H2O Instructor Certification (all inclusive fee)


CTW015 manual, laminated cards, V021, V030, V042, V055, V056, V067, V206, V178, V211, V230.

Comprehensive exam (6 months to complete exam process).


The Sports Conditioning H2O Instructor Program is an advanced intensity program that explores many types of individual and group sports activities. Training includes aquatic cycling, aquatic running, finning, boot camp and the correct use of dumbbells as well as advanced buoyancy cuffs. Learn techniques to help athletes prevent common sports injuries or recover from injuries faster using the protection of the water.  Our program combines intervals and circuit training techniques.  Water specific equipment will be explored to progress the sports instructor  with tools to challenge even the seasoned water fitness athlete. No swimming skills required – the goal is to provide an athletic vertical water fitness program.


What is a Sports Conditioning Program?

It is an effective workout which is easy to learn and requires no swimming skills. This vertical water fitness program combines the toning of weight training, the cardiovascular benefits of aerobics and the enhanced flexibility using buoyancy all in one fat burning, high endurance workout. Water provides three dimensional resistances to tone and strengthen muscles. It is joint friendly and helps prevent and heal injuries.

Course materials

Table of Contents & Learning Objectives


Introduction Advisory Board & Authors
Chapter 1 Sports Conditioning Goes to the Liquid Gym
Chapter 2 Program Applications & Design:  Cycling, Boot Camp, Finning, Deep H2O Running, Foam Dumbbells, Circuits & Intervals
Chapter 3 Specifics for Cardiovascular Training
Chapter 4 Specifics for Target Training Muscular Endurance, Strength, Power/Plyometrics and Flexibility
Chapter 5 Re-Training: Posture and Balance for Injury Prevention
Chapter 6 Getting your Sports Conditioning Program Started
Chapter 7 Program Ideas for Individual & Group Sports
Chapter 8 Sports Injuries & The Healing Benefits of Water
Chapter 9 How to Complete the Certification Process, Theory Exam And Practical Assessment Marking Templates

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