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& 8 X 2.0 QUIZZES via Google Docs , complimentary Certification upgrade for two years when quizzes are completed.

Be sure you have at least 3 levels of WaterART Certifications.


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Learn to train New Instructors in a convenient and affordable manner. Please email us why you would like this position and the facilitie(s)  you are currently affiliated with.

We all know the Covid-19 Pandemic has greatly impacted our fitness industry. Presently, there is a severe shortage of instructors to lead group exercise classes.   WaterART has developed a program to help passionate professionals to mentor new instructors. WaterART  will help you to rebuild your team by helping you to work practically to guide new instructors through the certification process. Instructor Trainers will able to utilize the WaterART Educational Resources to train your staff and/or new instructors and mentors would receive $125.00/candidate compensation for guiding a new instructor successfully through the certification process.

Who should Apply:

  • Our objective is to prepare local  Instructor Trainers  for a leadership role to mentor new and existing instructors with practical classes and experiences so that they may become fully certified to deliver enjoyable group exercise programs.
  • Applicants should already be Certified in WaterART Shallow & Deep Water Fitness and have at least two other certification levels with WaterART Fitness.
  • Interested applicants should have excellent leadership experience training adults as well as a keen interest in facilitating instructor training sessions and  a keen ability to learn.
  • This training will teach  you how to train candidates to become Certified as a Shallow & Deep Water Instructor
  • Candidates should write a one page letter on how they would contribute to the WaterART fitness team and what they feel their strengths and/or weaknesses would be. Our goal is to help you to become successful with this Mentorship program and grow your team.
  • Via Zoom video conferencing and email,  with Educational Director  – we will review all the necessary information to be able to  facilitate the practical education for guiding new instructors.

Working with the Educational Director through the program, the Instructor Trainer will:

  • Review the practical components of becoming a Shallow & Deep H2O Instructor with focus on lesson planning and practical teaching skills and drills
  • Ultimately, the Instructor Trainer candidate must have a thorough understanding of how to teach their new instructors to lead a safe and purposeful class. Therefore, they will need to review the full WaterART home study program so they understand what the new instructor candidate is receiving. The Instructor Trainer is not teaching the entire program (as candidate has full home study materials and would be required to review their manual and videos prior to working with the Instructor Trainer). The goal of the Instructor Trainer is to simply guide new instructors through the practical experience so that they may lead a safe, effective and enjoyable class.
  • Ideally the Instructor Trainer will have regularly scheduled classes and they will allow the instructor in training to participate and/or shadow their programs (whatever schedule works for the Instructor Trainer)

Responsibilities of an Instructor Trainer

  • Become familiar with the registration process, course requirements and learn how to assess a practical onsite exam using the marking template.
  • Effectively guide New Instructor candidates through the certification and examination process in a practical way.
  • Communicate to the WaterART Educational Director the dates, times and how the programs will be organized, realizing that the Instructor Trainer will decide the schedule that will work best for their facility and time. We envision an Instructor Trainer teaching the new Certification candidate by attending their classes and assist with teaching parts of the class until they are confident and comfortable to deliver an entire program. There are many options that will work and we know that Instructor Trainers will be working more one on one to coach the new instructors.
  • Should be able to write out a schedule and plan that is doable to help the new instructor complete and achieve their certification program successfully within six months of starting the program.
  • Help the new candidates order their home study program via the WaterART website so that they have all the required course materials and they have an account to display their qualifications and order history.

Time Commitment

  • We all know everyone learns uniquely and learning how to deliver a safe, effective and enjoyable program takes time and practice.
  • WaterART recommends that the Instructor Trainer works the mentorship program into their schedule of their programs.  For example if you are already teaching regular group exercise classes, you could have the new instructor participate in your classes and then mentor them to lead parts of a class to gain the valuable experience of leading a purposeful program.

Training includes:

    • You will complete 8 x 2.0 CEC quizzes
    • 16.0 CECs for recertification once quizzes are completed.
    • Automatic update of all existing qualifications for two years from current qualification date
      • After zoom training sessions Instructor Trainer Candidates will be required to present a 30 minute a video on a particular topic of the agenda as well as present a 30 minute follow along class (as if teaching on deck). The goal is to demonstrate visual and verbal cueing techniques that are necessary to command safety and efficacy of the programs.
      • Mentorship Instructor Trainer will earn 16.0 CECs for their WaterART Re-certification

Please Email WaterART for any questions or interest

If you are already a Master Trainer and need some CECs hours click here




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