V230-Intro to Shallow & Deep Aqua Fitness Programming – Safely Co-exist with Covid-19



March 1 2023- We updated this video to V230/V295 since we no longer must adhere to covid safety guidelines. With that in mind, if we do have people with low immune systems this may be helpful.

Learn tips and tools to keep your programs safe during the Covid 19 pandemic. No one knows everything about this disease so erring on the side of caution – and keeping your class safe is the #1 job of any instructor. Realize that rules may vary greatly in your facility and district (and WaterART Fitness has Certified Instructors – throughout North America). Safety is key for meeting the standards of care for your liability insurance coverage. If you are doing practical assessments during this time and there are health & safety rules – the Instructor should abide by these rules to meet the standard of care and be ready to adjust their program accordingly.

Learning Objectives

  1. Reasons for training in the water
  2. Benefits of muscle balancing
  3. Positions for deck training

60 minutes running time


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