Virtual Training for Senior H2O 16.0 CEC Workshop


 Senior  H2O 16.0 CEC workshop

Date:  Saturday, March 11 & 18  2023
Time: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST

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This shallow water instructor training program is for anyone interested in facilitating programs that focus on helping seniors in the water with functional activities of daily living to help maintain independence as well as quality of life. Training in water provides a protective environment which naturally balances the body to easily train posture and balance – a key to aging well. The program includes theoretical and practical testing that will cover how specific H2O exercises will have a positive effect for the aging population including those with common medical conditions. This program is perfect for anyone who would like to work with our senior population.

Sat March 11 2023 1-5 pm – Senior “Fun”ctional Fitness Workshop: Did you know that training on the wall will not train posture, balance and core or help movement on land. Use the three-dimensional resistance and protection of the water! Review how to incorporate the buoyant and invigorating properties of water to create an enjoyable program to motivate clients and keep them coming back for more. Start with simple exercises then progress movement to aid with improved function for daily activities, social events and family outings. Learn to incorporate suitable equipment at the appropriate time. Best of all – put the FUN back into function!

Sat March 11 2023 1-5 pm – Programming for Common Medical Conditions Workshop: Review general guidelines for helping your clients/patrons with  orthopaedic (hip, knee, shoulder, back, neck ), neuromuscular, cardiopulmonary, arthritis, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other debilitating medical conditions. Review safety tips on how to modify or progress an exercise to provide patrons with safe and effective programming.

You do not need a pool to participate in this event. The agenda of the day will show both theoretical and practical applications to build a more purposeful program.  We will keep you moving and thinking of safe and enjoyable exercises to keep your patrons moving. You may chat and ask questions throughout the day – to be answered at the end of the day or prior to lunch session. If you do have topics you would like address please let us know as we may easily include this in the program  – if relevant to the topic.

SKU: 230311-1550-CTW002

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