081 – Senior Mind Body Instructor Program


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The WaterART Mind-Body Senior Instructor Program has assembled some gentle yoga poses, pilates core work, and the mobility benefits of tai chi techniques in a gentle mind-body focus. The fusion of these disciplines within the aquatic environment will provide added protection and support, and to provide the traditional benefits of mind-body integration, stretch, balance, mental focus, relaxation, and energy flow in the buoyant and resisting environment of water.

The mind-body connection is the key to managing stress in our lives and helps to gain control over the nervous system. Learning to calm down and work from your core will help you to rid yourself of unhealthy stress. Any form of mind-body exercise will help your health.

This program is oriented to seniors without advanced core or skills. The senior workout program utilizes a noodle to support posture, balance and to assist core work,  as well as 5-inch air-filled balls.

Most exercises are bottom contact but a few exercises will be progressed to supported or noodle-assisted modified suspended working positions especially for senior workouts. (58 minutes)

Soundtrack: I love a Piano by Whitney Phoenix

Learning Objectives

  1. Suggestions of movements  for Warm Up
  2. Exercises to combine moves from Tai Chi. Yoga and Pilates for effect
  3. How to incorporate the noodle into Mind Body movements


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