Senior Land Fitness Instructor Certification


CTL004 Senior Land manual, Q & A, laminated cards, Videos: 145, 138, 248, 69, 74 (2 parts), 143, 217, 103, 109, 110. Theory  & Practical Exam (six  months to complete exam process).


Our most popular and must have program for those who teach senior  populations. This  comprehensive yet practical approach of facilitating classes for an aging population with a variety of medical conditions reviews safety and efficacy guidelines. The following topics will be reviewed for this specialized populations including: functional and age related problems, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary diseases,  movement disorders,  Arthritis, as well as  ideas for programming with common problems of the back, hips, knees, shoulders, neck and ankle problems. This training will focus on  functional exercise sets for helping the aging population maintain their activities of daily living (ADL’s). Techniques for cardiovascular training, muscular endurance and strengthening, flexibility, balance, posture and gait will be reviewed for progressive of benefiting overall health.  Let’s help 60+ adults to become independent and improve activities of daily living with enjoyable exercise.


Course materials


Table of Contents & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1 Introduction to Teaching Senior Fitness
Chapter 2 Exercise: Benefits and Principles
Chapter 3 Functional Fitness: Assessments and Related Inventory for ADL’s
Chapter 4 Senior Program Design
Chapter 5 Understanding Basic Anatomy & Joint Action
Chapter 6 Target Training Muscles for Strength and Flexibility
Chapter 7 Cardiovascular Target Training
Chapter 8 Target Abdominal, Balance & Gait Training
Chapter 9 Putting an Active Senior Fitness Class Together: Sample Ideas
Chapter 10 Chair Exercise Program & Inventory
Chapter 11 Posture Safety & Better Back Care
Chapter 12 Exercise with Machines
Chapter 13 The Mind-Body Connection:  Relaxation Exercise
Chapter 14 Reaching Special Populations with Common Medical Conditions
Chapter 15 Study Questions and Resources

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