Awesome Surf & Turf Fitness Kit (Step, Fit Band, Tubing with Handles)


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Steps for land and/or water!!!

Everyone needs fun and function, and the basic WaterART moves may be easily added to step for increased range of motion and balance training. Additionally, water fitness step training is a great way to tone as well as increase  lower body sculpting. Stepping in the water has been researched to improve functional fitness  and performance on land.

Shipped individually in boxes.

Height: 6″ (14 cm).  Includes a 1.5″  (4.5 cm) riser.
Length: 26″ (68 cm)
Width: 14″ (35 cm)
Weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)

30 Inch Looped Fit Band

Looped resistance bands are an excellent tool for tethering, upper and lower body strengthening and flexibility exercises.

The proper care of bands is key for longevity. Please rinse and hang dry after each use. Avoid wearing rings or other instruments that can tear the bands.

Available in 30 inch length in this kit.

Tubing with Handles (Green only)

Easy-to -use tubing with handles provide medium resistance for strength training either on land or in the water.
These are approximately 4 feet (122 cm) are ideal for seniors for training strength. Great for strength training, tethering, and functional squats. Tubing has neoprene around the handles. Excellent for other adults that require variable strength training apparatus.

Additional information

Weight 14.0 kg
Dimensions 68 × 35 × 14 cm

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