Land Common Movement Disorders Instructor Certification


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Gentle exercise will help many people are living with movement disorders including Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease as well as other common neuromuscular and movement disorders. The goal of this program is to give candidate instructors a well-balanced and functional program to improve the quality of life for clientele living with these challenges, and to help improve their well-being and maintain or enhance their physical performance. Components for functional wellness both seated and standing will be reviewed. This program will provide a total body approach with guidelines for modification of exercises. Working at a self-paced gentle intensity will help maintain function and well-being.


Course materials

  • WaterART Land Common Movement Disorders Instructor Manual (250 pages)
  • Online streaming of the following videos:
    • DVD026-Chair Exercise
    • DVD027-Posture, Balance & Gait Training
    • DVD028-Flexibility Training
  • Hard copies of DVDs can be purchased separately
  • Laminated pool reference cards
  • Certification Exam Process
  • E-Diploma and Online profile when successful with examination process
  • 16.0 CECs for WaterART

Table of Contents & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1 What is Parkinson’s Disease
Chapter 2 The Aging Process
Chapter 3 Functional Fitness & Functional Assessments
Chapter 4 Muscles, Joints and Biomechanics
Chapter 5 Posture, Gait and Balance
Chapter 6 Stretching for Everyone
Chapter 7 Chair Program Exercise Inventory
Chapter 8 Medications for Parkinson’s Disease
Chapter 9 Nutrition for Parkinson’s Disease
Chapter 10 Sample Forms and Additional Information
Chapter 11 Certification Process
Chapter 12 Bibliography & Recommended Reading

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