H2O Running Instructor Certification


CTW017 manual, pool reference cards, DVD083, DVD056.

Specialty exam (Option for practical or theory if currently WaterART Certified).

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This advanced intensity program will review both shallow and deep water depths.  The instructor  training will explore aquatic running with High Intensity Interval Training System (HIITS) lesson plan as well as  total body muscular balancing approach for injury prevention. Runner’s on land should utilize water exercise to also recover more quickly with land exercise. Aquafit Running has been researched to help athletes on land improve their running times and goals. Injured runner’s may stay protected and train with non impact loading in the deep water. Buoyancy belts, tethers, cuffs and other advanced water equipment may be incorporated into this training.


Course materials

Table of Contents & Learning Objectives

Authors Welcome Advisory Board
Chapter 1 Introduction to Aquatic Training
Chapter 2 Shallow and Deep Running Techniques
Chapter 3 Basic Programming for Shallow and Deep Running
Chapter 4 Muscle Targeting: Muscular Endurance, Strength, Power, Plyometrics & Flexibility
Chapter 5 Injury Prevention, Biomechanics, Planes of Movement and Joint Range of Motion
Chapter 6 Review Of Equipment That May Be Used For Overload
Chapter 7 Add Variety To A H2O Running Program
Chapter 8 Study Questions, Resources, Examination Process Information

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