Deep H2O Instructor Certification Program

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For successful Deep Water Training (DWT), equipment is required to provide a balance between work and rest (so muscles do not fatigue prior to breathing). WaterART recommends utilizing equipment such as a buoyancy belt or a noodle to assist with the body’s support especially to enhance range of motion with each movement. Working out in deep water is more challenging than in shallow water because, in deep, the body’s center of balance is at the chest whereas, in shallow water, the balance is at the feet that are more easily anchored down to the pool floor. In order to effectively work in deep water, each person must learn and maintain good balance skills to anchor the core muscles against buoyancy.

Is There A Need For Specific Deep Water Training?

Yes! Many pools do not have sufficient room in the shallow end to accommodate the number of participants that come to group aquatic program. Deep water offers a wide choice of programs without impact. For specialized populations and conditions, such as participants with arthritis, back problems, or post-rehabilitation programming, deep water offers a cushioning effect for the joints and sore areas. For the athlete, strength training in this multi-resistance environment offers tremendous challenge. This is an especially useful selling point if the athlete is involved with a high impact sport. And for the seasoned aquatic exercise buffs looking for more challenges and/or more program opportunities: get them to add a deep water program for variety.


Course materials

  • WaterART Deep H2O Training Manual
  • Online streaming of the following videos:
    • DVD007-Deep H2O Program
    • DVD008-Deep H2O Muscles
    • DVD035-Deep Noodles
    • DVD060-Working with Foam Weights
  • Hard copies of DVDs can be purchased separately
  • Laminated pool reference cards
  • Certification Exam Process
  • E-Diploma and Online profile when successful with examination process
  • 16.0 CECs for WaterART

Table of Contents & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1 General Overview of Deep H20 Training (DWT)
Chapter 2 General Program Design
Chapter 3 DWT & Wearing a Buoyancy Belt
Chapter 4 DWT Using a Noodle
Chapter 5 Target Muscles for DWT
Chapter 6 Using Equipment for DWT
Chapter 7 Study Guide Questions & Answers, Educational Resources
Chapter 8 How to Complete the Certification Process, Theory Exam And Practical Assessment Marking Templates

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