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The WaterART Mind Body Program has assembled the best of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi techniques in a gentle mind-body focus with the added benefits of the aquatic environment. This shallow water instructor training program is for anyone interested in facilitating a more mindful approach to fitness -especially in a time where we must coexist with the Corona Virus safely.

This recorded session was one of our first Virtual sessions which was helpful to Instructors needing educations and ideas to keep their programs flowing during this unprecedented time.

Water exercise is an excellent modality for protecting our joints and healing our bodies. Explore ways to develop physical and mental strength, co-ordination and rejuvenation and how to deliver this information to your students. This educational and includes theoretical information and practical approaches to various mind-body techniques, yoga, tai-chi, Pilates principles and relaxation training. Candidates receive a link to the quizzes ( individual programs ) and will have to choose the best answer for the multiple choice question.

You will be required to complete and submit the quizzes associated with this program in order to obtain 8.0 Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s).


Course materials

  • Vimeo Video Showcase (streaming for six months).
    We email you  a link for your private use to work on any computer or smart device.
  • You may view as many times as you like and you answer 50 multiple choice questions via online google docs link (no time limit)
  • Complimentary Updated Qualifications when quizzes are successful
  • 8.0 CECsVideos include the following topics:
    1. Theory Mind Body H2O Certification Part 1 with Julie Twynham ( 64 minutes) This interactive power point presentation will review the principles of Mind Body and demonstrate Tai Chi Movements. St i l l n e s s  precedes  M o t i o n, S l o w n e s s  precedes  S p e e d, S o f t n e s s  precedes  S t r e n g t h. No one knows for sure the exact origins of Tai Chi. Chang-San-Feng, the legendary martial arts master,is reputedly the father and founder. WaterART Tai Chi will provide fluid mobility and a sense of well-being through breathing and relaxation.

     2. This program will how to blend Tai Chi with mindful movement in a 88F pool. With the Covid-19 crisis, we must keep our patrons moving for mobility but be mindful of not working too intense since the virus is airborne. Learning to utilize gentle patterns will help prevent the spread of the virus as well as work more balance and much needed mobility.


    1. Mind Body Shallow H2O Blend with Julie Twynham  ( 57 minutes)

    In 28-32 Celsius or equivalent 82.4 -89.6 Fahrenheit water temperature you may easily blend tai chi, Pilates, yoga and mindful stretching to benefit the mind and body with the rejuvenating properties of water. Learn how to move with posture, poise and style with fluid patterns. This class will be designed to move around your own spot due to the physical distancing requirements for the Covid 19 safety guidelines.


    1. Yoga Presentation with Julie Twynham  ( 48 minutes)

    Review  an interactive power point presentation with Julie on WaterART Yoga movements using WaterART Principles  for general populations. There are many views present of yoga today. Yoga is not a religion, rather a physical and psychological discipline.  The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word YUJ meaning yoke or union.  Our goal with adding yoga to our programs is to provide  the union of mind, body and soul towards the road of self–realization.


    1. Yoga Shallow H2O Class with Judy Conley (20 minutes)

    This video will review a short overview of just yoga poses and a program suitable for general populations and warm pools.  You may easily blend more moves into this program.


    1. Mindful Pilates Presentation with Julie Twynham  (60 minutes)

    Review a Power Point presentation with Julie on WaterART Pilates & Core training exercises and techniques  using WaterART Principles  for general populations.


    1. Mindful Pilates Class with Julie Twynham  ( 53 minutes)

    The goal of this program is to use movements from Pilates to create balance, flexibility, stabilization, and fluid mind- body awareness while concentrating on the body’s core stabilizers in either shallow or transitional water depth. We will add a Pilates noodle, air filled 7 inch ball, and fins to provide overload and variety.

    1. Dress for Success with Julie Twynham The sport and activity of water fitness does demand some clothing especially if the water is cooler or you are exercising outside. Fitness clothing is more than a bathing suit for comfort, style and professionalism. (5 min)


    1. Developing a Lesson plan for a blended program with Julie Twynham ( 28 minutes)

    Review a Power Point presentation with Julie on how to create a blended and flowing program using Active mobility and moves from Tai chi, Pilates, Yoga will provide an energetic yet relaxed program.


    11 How to Stay in the Balance with Claire Prudhomme Whetstone  (42 minutes)

    Learn and review how to balance  your body with healing energy systems. Tips on how to protect your immune system and keep your chakras  in balance. (42 min)

    Standing Tai Chi land Fitness with Julie Twynham (31 minutes)Follow along a gentle fitness land senior program with a blend of Tai Chi, Yoga, and active stretching movements. Our goal is to help members and clients stay active during the challenge Corona virus Pandemic  – we know that everyone may not have access to a pool or program so  performing some programs on land is key for health and aging well

    Shallow H2O Tai Chi Shallow H2O Class with Drusilla Leitch ( 50 minutes)

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