16.0 CEC Shallow & Deep H2O Instructor Covid Safety Workshop Review


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Note:  we taped these sessions  September 12 & 19, 2020 with a variety of Master Trainers. We now offer this as home study CEC program- just so you wouldn’t miss out!

There are excellent ideas and tools for every instructor -seasoned or new!  You do not need a pool to review these sessions. If you do have access to a pool -write notes and practice on your own time. You may simply review this showcase of workshops for 16.0 CECS.

Our goal is to help you and your patrons move and/or   get back to the pool safely. Covid-19 crisis has caused many challenges to our fitness industry and this is a way to interact and review materials without doing onsite education (traveling). We will give you ideas and techniques to help co-exist with Covid-19 Crisis as a group exercise instructor in the water. You will review these programs via Vimeo video streaming showcase (a recorded showcase private link for you). Please assume that not all sessions have quizzes -we gave you extra ideas and video to help you out.

We do recommend with home study that you also get up and move around and mirror the Master Trainers when relevant. You may review these video programs on any type of  smart device  or computer – unlimited for six months from purchase.  You will also receive links to complete the 16.0 CECs of quizzes via online multiple choice exam. ( These are done online and we have made this very easy to access and mark quickly – as a lot of our professionals have let their qualifications lapse or their deadline is  fast approaching).

So do not stress – we will help you to get through  -ask us questions if the question doesn’t make sense. Each video will have 2-3 multiple choice questions. You choose the best answers. If you have never completed a multiple choice exam there is always one correct answer, two that are “sort of ” correct and one totally incorrect. We suggest answering the question , then choosing the best answer.

These sessions will explore both shallow and deep water depths to help you learn and review how to design safe, effective and enjoyable programs during the Covid 19 pandemic -the challenge of our lifetime. Most of our professionals have had to adjust with new plans to help  keep programs  and centers going. Whether you are teaching or just starting out -this is a great way to be sure you are modifying for safety and the many skills we have to organize in any given program.

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Day 1:

  • Tips to co-exist with Covid-19 -Let’s Stay Safe and Well with Julie Twynham
  • Back to Basics with  Adriana Affinito
  • Easy Does it -On the Spot Training with Joanne Hannan
  • Shallow H2O Workout  with Covid Safety in mind
  • with Jane Pomponio
  • On the Spot Training Muscles for Activation and Function  with Rikki Gross
  • Mixing Shallow & Deep H2O Depth (for more space) with Adriana Affinito
  • Cardio Combinations to keep Everyone Moving (on the spot) with Julie Twynham
  • Basic Moves with Julie Twynham

Day 2:

    • Welcome and Updates about WaterART Fitness with  Julie Twynham
    • Dress for Success with Julie Twynham
    • Mental Wellness with tips for Self Care with Leigh de Groot, Doctor of Physio Therapy
    • Blending Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates for a Mind Body Connection  with Julie Twynham
    • Review of Skype/Face Time Practical exam with Drusilla Leitch
    • Review of Deep H2O Body Positions with Drusilla Leitch
    • Muscle Up without equipment with Amanda Sommer
    • Rhomboid Targeting with Jane Pomponio
    • Joint Actions summary with Julie Twynham
    • Noodle positions with Julie Twynham
    • How to Stay in Balance
    • Tips on how to protect your immune system and keep your chakras  in balance with Clare Whetstone
    • Wonderful Warm Ups with  Drusilla Leitch
    • Instructor Tips for Safe Deck Work with  Julie Twynham
    • Visual Communications with Master Trainer Rikki Gross
    • Stay Well & Stay Exercised (Final Review)

Online streaming  via the Vimeo Video Streaming only:

  • After reviewing sessions you will complete online quizzes for each  day of video via Google Forms
  •  2 x 8.0 hour links  of CEC’s
  • Once successful with quizzes, your qualifications will be updated WaterART Certification E-Diploma(s) for 2 years from existing expiry date

**PLEASE NOTE** This is a good option for  those candidates who are within their 2 year renewal time OR who have expired within one year from their expiry date.

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