16.0 CEC Senior Land Fitness Re-Certification Program


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This Virtual recording  offers new programs to help keep your senior fitness programming fit and well.  We have a showcase of both sitting and standing programming for both less active and more active senior fitness programming. Your Membership discount applies on this product 20%.

SKU: KCL009-1-1

Course materials

  • Video Streamming  via WaterART Fitness Educational App which views on smart devices  or Vimeo Video Showcase link/password which views on all devices. 
  • Members receive unlimited viewing – non members for six months.
  • V145-Practical Theory for Senior Land Fitness: This tutorial by Julie Twynham will guide you through how to set up a functional land group exercise program for seniors with many limitations. Be aware of safety and tips to modify your program for people with common age related conditions. (123 minutes)
  • V143 -Posture Balance & Core Stability Learn some exercises for posture, balance and core stability with Julie to help the aging process. Fall prevention is key for staying injury free and pain free. (13 minutes)
  • V156-Senior Land Functional Group Exercise Ideas: Julie will review some ideas to help improve and train function on land with several pieces of equipment (free weights, tubing with handles, fit band,small ball, golf tube, step, bench/chair). (47 minutes)
  • V146-Gentle Arthritis Land Exercise Program with Julie Twynham: Julie will lead you through gentle mobility exercises for people with many forms of arthritis. Low impact and light intensity with an easy to follow program. (39 minutes)
  • V149-Standing Total Body Workout for Active Aging (more advanced) with Jane Pomponio This is an active class utilizing a combination of fitness components. Balance, coordination, muscle strength and endurance, cardio training and flexibility Are challenged in a standing class using light weights and a band. (59 minutes)
  • V137-Gentle Tai Chi and Mindful Movement Land Program with Drusilla Leitch: Follow along a very gentle fitness program with a blend of Tai Chi, Yoga, and active stretching movements. (32 minutes)
  • V151-Light & Lively Standing Cardio with Julie Twynham: This standing low impact fitness program will help you to keep your cardiovascular system healthy and strong. Enjoy the music and the joy of dance. The program will end with a stretch to work on better posture and injury prevention. (42 minutes)
  • WaterART Fitness App & Vimeo Video Streaming only.
  • Online quizzes for each video for 16.0 CECs via Google Forms
  • 16.0 hours of CECs when successful with quizzes and complimentary update of your Qualifications when quizzes are successfully submitted.

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