16.0 CEC Arthritis Land Instructor Review for Recertification


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Learn how to program chair exercises in both sitting and standing positions & a gentle light low impact & sculpt program. The goal of the program is to provide the leader with a variety of cardiovascular, muscular endurance, strength, mobility and balance exercises for helping the individual to improve their activities of daily living and function as well as decrease pain and discomfort in their body. The program is focused on helping the individual to balance their muscular strength and flexibility and the program will utilize equipment such as chairs, resistance bands, and weights.


Course materials

  • WaterART Land Arthritis Workbook (downloadable only)
  • Videos Streaming via WaterART Fitness app, Vimeo or hard copies of DVDs  (you choose)
  • V013-Arthritis Low Impact & Sculpt &   V012-Arthritis Chair Exercise
  • Vimeo video streaming and Hard copies of DVDs can be purchased separately
  • Online quizzes for each video via Google Forms
  • 16.0 hrs of CECs once successful with quizzes
  • Updated WaterART Certification E-Diploma(s) for 2 years from expiry date when successful with quizzes (if Certified with WaterART)

**PLEASE NOTE** This is a good option for  those candidates who are within their 2 year renewal time OR who have expired within one year from their expiry date.

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