*Virtual* Arthritis H2O 16.0 CEC Workshop


Event & Date:  Sunday, Feb 12 & 19, 2023  1:00 – 5:00 pm EST

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Virtual Arthritis  16.0 CEC Workshop

Investigate the most common types of arthritis so you may optimally design programs to aid this clientele. Learn how to modify and progress exercises as well as vary impact and intensity to meet the needs of a multi level arthritis class. Add noodles or resistive paddles for improved muscular strength, flexibility and balance.
The exercise goal for people with arthritis is to increase range of motion (ROM), muscular strength, flexibility, and balance, and to develop and maintain endurance.  Since arthritis is a joint disease, people with arthritis need to try to move through each joint’s active range of motion on a daily basis.  This regular movement helps prevent stiffness and loss of mobility.

SKU: 230212-CTW005-1550

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