18 Legal Water Exercise Reference Cards


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This is an amazing set of 18 (8.5  x 14 inch) laminated cards to take poolside. This is an excellent resource tool to help you remember exercises when you are at the pool. The program cards are companions to their respective videos.

A complete inventory of exercises which includes:

  • Anatomy Banner
  • Anatomical Man
  • LC003  Beginner Muscles
  • LC004  Intermediate Muscles
  • LC005  Advanced Muscles
  • LC006  Shallow H2O Workout
  • LC007  Deep H2O Workout
  • LC008  Advanced Deep H2O Workout
  • LC015  H2O Walking
  • LC018  Foam Weights
  • LC025  Use your Noodle
  • LC030  Sports Conditioning Workout
  • LC031  Beginner Workout
  • LC034 Shallow H2O Noodle Workout
  • LC035  Deep H2O Workout
  • LC036  Arthritis Noodle Workout
  • LC039  Awesome Abdominals Workout
  • LC056  H2O Running

Learn over 200 different exercises!

Reference cards are available to be purchased separately.

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