H2O Walking Instructor Certification


CTW016 manual, laminated reference cards, V015, V079, V100.

Specialty exam (Option for practical or theory if currently WaterART Certified).

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Walking is the #1 functional activity that keeps people independent, and walking in the water may support and protect the less able and those new to exercise. Moving through the water with a variety of walking patterns and progressions will help everyone achieve an excellent total body workout that focuses on core, balance, strength, mobility, posture and gait training, as well as avoiding momentum and torque on the joints. You will learn over 100 different ways to walk as well as system of varying your programs so that everyone may work at a self-paced level of intensity. Candidates will review ways to provide team work, group and partner work for beginner through advanced clients in a sociable and all inclusive system. This program was designed for shallow water pool depths. Ideas may be incorporated into a lazy river, however, this program was developed for regular shallow water pools.


Course materials

Table of Contents & Learning Objectives

Authors Welcome Advisory Board
Chapter 1 Walking for Health
Chapter 2 Checking for Posture and Gait
Chapter 3 Joints and Conditions that affect Walking
Chapter 4 Science of Movement
Chapter 5 Planning a Walking Program
Chapter 6 Inventory and Ideas for Program Design
Chapter 7 Study Guide Answers, References Resources, Reading Resources, International Guidelines, Handouts
Chapter 8 How to Complete Examination Process

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