079 – Move Your Way to Health with Walking


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Walking in water is the most beneficial and functional way to achieve a workout without wear and tear on the joints. People who cannot walk safely on land can spend quality time in the water. Discover the many opportunities water offers to safely train weaker muscle groups for balanced strength. Walk in many directions rather than forward all the time. Learn to change direction safely. Use creative patterns to promote the resistive properties of water. Work out alone, with a partner or with group to challenge balance, coordination, and agility!

Educational Videos offer a multitude of exercise inventory and ideas. Often in a program you can’t teach or train every exercise and variety and progress are the cornerstones of efficacy.

This video has two parts. Part one shows a complete program suitable for anyone having difficulty walking on land and part two is filled with walking ideas suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Learning Objectives

  1. Beginning walking patterns
  2. How to use the properties of water for effective training
  3. Body positions for joint protection


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