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You will learn a full running, cycling and finning (or swimming) program as well as how to launch a TriAQUA fun competition.

Whether you are teaching group exercise or coaching athletes or involved in one on one training, learning how to provide more intense programs and progressions for athletes may open new doors. Learn how to program athletes in both shallow and deep water depths utilizing advanced techniques.

Sports activities may be blended with the water for cross training benefits, variety and adding new program ideas. If you are not using the water as a training tool, then you are missing the secret to injury prevention. Learn three full aquafit programs to advance your classes.  Applicable to both group exercise and one-on-one training.

Cycling Class: on land cycling classes have brought new participants into group exercise programs. Learn how to develop a water cycling class for deep-water programs using noodles or a buoyancy belt. Use your mind to train your body; use your heart to monitor your intensity. Adventure into the rhythmic movement of cycling and experience how a class will flow with the power of water.

Running Program: have become a goal pursued by many individuals. The extreme training requirements for running often lead to injuries that undermine success. Experience the benefits of both shallow and deep-water training as part of a good running regime. Unload the joints for safe training and use intervals sets to provide both the cardiovascular strength and the resistance training necessary for a successful marathon.

Finning The Ultimate Butt Burner Program: using training fins or flippers may be an excellent way to challenge your swimmers to try a class – but this is anything but streamlining. You will target all of the major muscle groups at an advanced level. This is not a class for a non-swimmer or someone who cannot flutter kick. Excellent calorie burning and lower body targeting.

You will be required to complete and submit the quizzes associated with this program in order to obtain 8.0 Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s).

CEC (continuing education credit) hours for re-certification will be completed online.  A link will be sent to you via email with the confirmation of your purchase and payment receipt. All candidates  must have your own copy of the corresponding video to complete and submit this quiz for Continuing Education Credits (CECs). We do not allow sharing due to copyright and liability laws.  Click here if you require more re certification information.


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