V167 – 2.0 CEC Mind Body Instructor Tutorial For Water Fitness Video & Quiz


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This interactive power point presentation will review the principles of Mind Body and demonstrate Tai Chi Movements. St i l l n e s s precedes M o t i o n, S l o w n e s s precedes S p e e d, S o f t n e s s precedes S t r e n g t h. No one knows for sure the exact origins of Tai Chi. Chang-San-Feng, the legendary martial arts master, is reputedly the father and founder. WaterART Tai Chi will provide fluid mobility and a sense of well-being through breathing and relaxation.

Learning Objectives

  1. Fitness benefits from Mind Body water programs
  2. Promoting core stability
  3. Providing equal opportunity for all fitness levels.

65 minutes running time & quiz for 2.0 CECs


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