Julie’s Favourite Fit Tips #2



Let’s review some favorite fit tips. These are some great tips for everyone to use in your aqua fitness group exercise program.

  • The art of a shallow water lesson plan
  • What are the WaterART working positions
  • Muscular balance and fitness
  • Progressive overloads (how to work more intensity)
  • The many benefits of water fitness
  • Aging well arthritis programming (helping people to move)
  • Water exercise tips for low back problems
  • Working with buoyancy equipment (and the skills required)

Educational Videos offer a multitude of exercise inventory and ideas. Often in a program you can’t teach or train every exercise and variety and progress are the cornerstones of efficacy.

56 minutes running time

Learning Objectives

  1. Finding correct water depth
  2. Water programming for aging
  3. Using water to help with pain


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