QZ101- 102 -Intro to Gentle Senior Sit & Stand Chair Exercise Program 4.0 Quiz


2.0 CEC

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4.0 CEC Quiz based on the videos 101 & 102. Complete the quiz online.  A link will be sent to you via email with the confirmation of your purchase and payment receipt. You must have your own copy of the corresponding video to complete and submit this quiz for Continuing Education Credits (CECs). We do not allow sharing due to copyright and liability laws. If you do not have own copy of video click here

  • DVD 101:Tutorial – Intro to Gentle Senior Land Sit & Stand – An introduction and guide to attaining certification for a functional and gentle Sit and Stand program suitable for more elderly residents in a retirement home. This video contains a guide to the training required for providing a standard of care with both theory and practical applications. 37 minutes
    • Learning Objectives
      • Program Design
      • The results from lack of exercise
      • Functional Movemenrt
  • DVD 102: Tutorial – Learning ROM for Mobility – This video gives a general overview and pictures of the structure of the human body and how the body moves. The tutorial provides a review of anatomical terms to help understand body positioning and how to use good body technique to program for pain free movement. 44 minutes
    • Learning Objectives
      • Planes of Motion
      • Contrindicated exercises
      • Joint action

SKU: QZ101-102

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