Conover, NC – 8.0 CEC Shallow and Deep Workshop


Adrian L. Shuford Jr. Y.M.C.A.

Date:  Saturday Sept 24  2022 Or Sunday, Sept  25,   2022
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Location: 1104 Conover Blvd E, Conover, NC 28613

Master Trainer Cindy Cook   Facility Contact:Logan Taylor 


Shallow & Deep H20 Training (Sat) –Review how to plan a purposeful shallow and/or deep water class. Realize that each depth has specialized skills, moves and benefits. Let’s review a variety of moves, working or body positions and program designs to skillfully teach both depths either simultaneously or as a stand alone program. Learning a basic system of exercise design will provide  movement variations and techniques for  multi-level options  for both swimmers and non swimmers alike.  Both depths may train for effective cardiovascular conditioning as well as muscular conditioning  (strength and flexibility) as well as improve function and performance on land.  Plan your program to progress to equipment and added variety and efficacy. Learn safety tips to  target the intended exercise goal and keep your programs interesting and challenging.

Aquatic Equipment Toolbox Workshop (Sun): Discover infinite ways to make programs interesting and effective using either buoyant or resistive equipment -stuff that floats versus stuff that sinks.  This training workshop will provide a smart system to progress or intensify all exercises. Conversely, modifying or decreasing intensity will be reviewed. Learn to target all major muscle groups using the properties and protection of water.  Build a varied and interesting gym of the future. Equipment such as open and closed cell noodles, splash balls, dumbbells, flex paddles, cuffs, tubing, fit bands, boxers, kickers, steps and buoyancy belts may be utilized. If we are at your center – WaterART Fitness will build the toolbox around your equipment. Guaranteed ideas and energy to keep your programs growing and benefiting!

Intervals & Circuits in Deep H2O (Sun): Experience the energy! Keep your participants motivated, add variety and challenge encourage aerobic and muscle conditioning by providing interval sets or circuit stations. This calorie burning session is an excellent workout that will open your mind and body to exercise possibilities in a water environment. Suitable for people of all levels of fitness as this program is geared to promote self-paced exercise. Utilize shallow and/or deep water depths to maximize the benefits.

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Course Registration Fee Includes:


Early-bird Registration Date: September 12,  2022

What to Bring:

    • Lunch or snack
    • for water sessions please bring Water Fitness Wear or Bathing Suit(s)
    • Towel/cover up
    • Pen and paper
    • Water-shoes are preferred wear.

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