Aquatic Personal Training Assessments


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We highly recommend guided tutorials to those without a background in exercise science who take our programs because you can get a university-quality education without having to attend! Why are we using that particular exercise? How do we make that exercise more effective? Watch this video to discover how to design and implement safe, effective and enjoyable progressive programming based on water assessments and exercise testing in the water.

Trainers will be guided through choosing water exercises to use and how they can improve and progress their client’s well-being. Learn how to assess muscular strength, muscular flexibility using both shallow and deep-water depths. This tutorial will provide aquatic personal trainers with more exercise inventory as well as some coaching and leadership tips for result-oriented programming.

What is a Tutorial Video – A tutorial is a video-guided PowerPoint presentation with a Certified WaterART Master Trainer which reviews all the classroom sessions and information that instructors would typically receive if attending an on-site training event. Video tutorials are an excellent investment as they can be reviewed several times, especially if the information is new and somewhat overwhelming. We highly recommend our guided tutorials to those who are not familiar with exercise science.

Should you wish to learn more, also watch the Personal Trainer Assessments Program video.

120 minutes running time

Learning Objectives

  1. How to Plan a program for the client
  2. How to set up the first session
  3. How to keep assessment records


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