086 – Aquatic Personal Training Program Design Tutorial


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Writing up a client’s program card is no easy task. A personal trainer is a certified and qualified professional who designs individualized exercise programs specific to a client’s needs and requirements.

Review the tutorial as well as a sample program utilizing both shallow  and deep water depths.  The client  (female and aged 56)  has shoulder and neck issues from a motor vehicle accident. She is comfortable and skilled in the water and is starting at a low level of fitness. Equipment used in this program includes mitts, noodles, splash balls and flex paddles. The client is committed to working a balanced routine, and needs the tips and tools to help her remember and perform the exercises properly We will also guide you through her program card with a video power point tutorial.  Excellent for creating water workouts for your clients.

Part one: Illustrates Marianne’s program via power point presentation.

Part two: Show the live demonstration of Marianne’s program with the Personal Trainer.

Part one 45 minutes running time.  Part two 55 minutes running time.

Learning Objectives

  • Part 1 Program Card set up and ideas
  • Part 2 Personal Training program content


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