Review Non-WaterART Courses Fee


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If you have Non WaterART CECS to be reviewed,  to meet our liability and standard of care process.

Here is the proceedure you must follow:

If CEC hours are not with WaterART, these hours must be onsite (not virtual or home study) and candidate must:

  1. Submit an agenda (with time increments of 15 minute) and overview itemizing the breakdown of the course noting lunch and breaks are not contact hours
  2. Submit an instructor biography of who taught the course or program. Instructor must hold a degree to authorize the training.
  3. A certificate of course completion stating date and name of the onsite course, contact hours, date, and signature of Master Trainer.
  4. Course content must be relevant to fitness, nutrition, and wellness topics that are beneficial for the candidate.
  5. Candidates may also submit transcript from University and/or college courses
  6. Payment of this fee. We suggest paying after you have completed the WaterART hours so that we may review your paperwork and submission easily.
  7. Please email all paperwork

We cannot approve your non-WaterART hours without all the above criteria and paperwork.


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