YORK, PA – 16.0 CEC Re-certification Workshop


York Branch YMCA, York, PA

Date:  Saturday & Sunday, April 2 &3  2022
Time: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: YMCA of the Roses, 90 N Newberry St, York, PA

Master Trainer Janet Rollero  Facility Contact: Tammy Shore  Office : 717-843-7884 ext 268

Bring a lunch, water bottle, water wear and have layered clothes to move around in classroom.

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This is an excellent option to update your techniques and renew your qualifications. There are no exams and you review the fundamentals. You achieve 16.0 hours of continuing education hours AND automatic Certification renewal for two years from your expiration date.

Boot Camp & Senior Workshop 

Serious exercisers want to work and gain more results in less time. This no nonsense workout will combine easy yet intense movements and intervals with active recovery muscle work. This high energy program is a great way to stop talking and keep your troops moving! This program may be adapted to either shallow and/or deep water depths. Equipment should be added for overload and challenge.  Let us know what equipment you have and we will design an intense and invigorating workout.

Seniors “FUN”CTIONAL Fitness Program 

Priorities for the senior’s in the 21st Century are keeping healthy, staying active and remaining independent. Water exercise can be the answer to all three. Use the three-dimensional resistive, buoyant and invigorating properties of water to create an enjoyable program to motivate clients and keep them coming back for more. Start with simple exercises then progress movement to aid with improved function for daily activities, social events and family outings. Learn to incorporate suitable equipment at the appropriate time. Best of all – put the FUN back into function!

Shallow & Deep H20

Whether it is a space issue or just a class preference, often shallow & deep water programs may be neatly combined into one program. Realize though that each depth has specialized skills, moves and benefits. Let’s review a variety of moves, working or body positions and program designs to skillfully teach both depth simultaneously. This program will review lots of movement variations and techniques provide multi-level options and opportunities for your participants for both non impact and low impact water training. Learn to program safe and effective exercise in a non-impact environment. Deep water training allows cardiovascular movement and muscular conditioning in a variety of body positions not possible on land. Plan your program design to serve a variety of participants ” swimmer or non-swimmer ” using buoyant equipment. Learn key cardiovascular movements and/or specific muscle targeting to help map out a program.

Additionally, there are no late fees with your renewal as we realize due to corona virus crisis – we have all had to endure extenuating circumstances. Our goal is to keep you qualified and motivated!
Stay Well !

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Early-bird Registration Date:   March 30, 2022

Course Registration Fee Includes:


What to Bring

  • Lunch or snack
  • Water sessions: Water Fitness wear or bathing suit(s)
  • Water bottle
  • Towel/cover up
  • Pen and paper
  • Water-shoes are preferred wear for water sessions

Address:  Rose YMCA, 90 N Newberry St, York, PA
Master Trainer Janet Rollero
Facility Contact
: Tammy Shore  Office : 717-843-7884 ext 268

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