Aquatic Step Water Workout


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Do you think it’s silly to use a step in the water? Don’t underestimate this valuable piece of equipment!
Whether you are training individuals with neuromuscular disorders or high-performance athletes, the step has many functions and the potential for many levels of intensity. Add a new dimension to your shallow-water programs for cardiovascular conditioning, muscular conditioning, training specific sports activities and coordination, or just having fun. Step training is the best way to load and strengthen the lower body muscles as there is so much quadriceps and gluteals work with squat like actions.

Why not give the step a try today with this instructional video?

Educational Videos offer a multitude of exercise inventory and ideas. Often in a program you can’t teach or train every exercise and variety and progress are the cornerstones of efficacy.

Learning Objectives :

  1. The correct water depth for step training in the water
  2. Muscle training using the step in the water
  3. How to control step movement in the water


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