054 – Boxers & Kickers Workout


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If you would like to add some intensity & progression to your workout, then the Speedo Hydro Boxers and Hydro Kickers are a natural fit. These are simple pieces of equipment to use and provide excellent benefits!

This shallow water workout program outlines an easy-to-follow deck workout for your class to follow along.  There is clear underwater footage to visualize how the water moves appear compared to deck work.

You will see a full warm-up and warm-down (without the equipment) as well as specifically targeted sets for cardiovascular, balance, agility, flexibility, muscular endurance and strengthening. We even included some fun yoga! The video is a complete class you may follow along for a great overall workout at the pool.

NOTE: This workout may be done without the equipment for a complete, innovative and energized shallow water program.

Filmed in Akumal, Mexico.

Learning Objectives :

  1. Warm up and warm down moves
  2. Using the equipment safely and effectively,
  3. How to incorporate “filler” moves


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