092 – Julie’s Favourite Exercises


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Keeping yourself fit and injury-free is key for a Water Fitness Professional. WaterART Fitness believes that both time and focus needs to be spent practising your own exercise techniques. This program will help you maintain and improve your own function and posture to be the best you can be!

By examining these basic techniques, we believe that you will learn how to teach and help your clients. This program reviews Julie’s favourite water exercises and techniques for optimal performance, vitality and efficacy.

A shallow water program with mitts, noodle, or flex paddles.

What is a Workout Video is a start to finish follow- a- long program. Learn a template for total body benefits from start to finish. A great way to learn flow and fast track your lesson plan. (54 minutes)

Learning Objectives

  1. Ideas to keep programs interesting and effective
  2. Training for function and mobility
  3. How to use the water or equipment for muscle training


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