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Part One:  This video will review a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation with audio narration. This program will provide helpful tools necessary to better understand the foundation of water exercise design and basic science principles. Review of the WaterART working positions and how to write a lesson plan or exercise design for your class are included.

1 hour and 48 minutes running time

Part Two:  This video will review a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation with audio narration. There is detailed explanations of the major muscle groups targeted in the muscular conditioning portion of this program. There are illustrations of how to stretch and strengthen each major muscle group with a variety of exercise inventory.

56 minutes running time

Part Three: This video session will review in-water teaching skills and how to orient, adjust and progress a program for multiple fitness levels.

54 minutes running time

Part Four:  This video teaches a safe and effective deck work. Warm-up, cardiovascular segment & warm-down segment.

30 minutes running time

What is a Tutorial Video – A tutorial is a video-guided PowerPoint presentation with a Certified WaterART Master Trainer which reviews all the classroom sessions and information that instructors would typically receive if attending an on-site training event. Video tutorials are an excellent investment as they can be reviewed several times, especially if the information is new and somewhat overwhelming. We highly recommend our guided tutorials to those who are not familiar with exercise science.

Learning Objectives

  • Part 1 – Tutorial and Basic Exercise Design
  • Part 2 – Tutorial of Muscles
  • Part 3 – Review of Equipment, Basic Moves & Working Positions
  • Part 4 – Review of Safe Deck Teaching


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