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Quiz based on the Theory of Rehabilitation video. A certified kinesiologist, Lynn Kabakoff provides detailed lectures on theory that will guide fitness professionals through the science of the human body. Understanding science is the key to designing safe, effective and purposeful programs. This is necessary for teaching successful exercise, especially for more specialized programming, one-on-one instruction or rehabilitation programs. By truly understanding human anatomy and joint mechanics you will excel in program design. This is a must for all instructors offering rehabilitation to people returning to health following surgery or an injury.

This video is excellent for both land and water professionals as it reviews the anatomy of the human body. This program may easily be enjoyed by every instructor that wants to understand the HOW’s and WHY’s of exercise design.

Learning Objectives :

  1. Overview of Anatomy for  the Lower Extremities
  2. Overview of Anatomy for  the Spine
  3. Overview of Anatomy for  the Upper Extremities

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SKU: QZ046

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