Aquatic Fitness Fit Band Program


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One of the most important components of fitness is muscular endurance and strengthening. The advantage of the fit band is that some exercises may be trained (and learned) in water while continued and practiced on land.

You will learn a great variety of exercises using the 30″ and 15″ resistance looped band. Additionally, fit bands may be used to improve all components of fitness especially in advanced cardiovascular sets. For example, using the band as a tether may add a new dimension to your water programs.

Educational Videos offer a multitude of exercise inventory and ideas. Often in a program you can’t teach or train every exercise and variety and progress are the cornerstones of efficacy.

Learning Objectives :

  1. Using a Fit Band in the water for all fitness modalities
  2. The advantages learning fit band exercises
  3. Effective band partner exercises


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