What is Virtual Training

Virtual and live sessions provide an integrated system for Fitness professionals to learn and/or review ideas and techniques  (via video streamed programs) which are required and helpful for keeping up to date with continuing education course hours (CECs) or for full immersion in a new level of Certification.

These live events will be facilitated by a variety of skilled and energetic Master Trainer(s) and you do not need a pool or gym to participate. For those of you in a rural area or without consistent internet, you will receive a recording of the event session via Vimeo Video streaming platform to review (when you do have decent internet). Certification candidates will have recorded showcase via Vimeo for up to  six months after the training while CEC workshop candidates will be able to view for 3 months after the event via recording. That also gives you a break if you need one on the day of the virtual training event.

Note that only the Master Trainer (presenter) is on the video screen for the presentation (with their power point or live full body presentation and/or snippets of video to better illustrate the topic). Candidates are invited by link but their face/body is not shown on the screen (not like Zoom).  WaterART is utilizing Vimeo Live Platform to present a variety of styles and flavors of education. Candidates may download the notes and the video showcase may be added to your Vimeo Favorites. Members will have access to view any additional  videos loaded via WaterART Fitness App (workshop  registration page  will itemize what is included in your purchase).

Virtual Training is equated to onsite training in that CEC candidates do not have to do quizzes unless they have signed up for that option. Questions my be chatted throughout the live presentation or emailed to after the presentation.s 

Note: Candidates do not need to log in nor purchase any specialized viewing privileges  with the Vimeo system nor share any of your personal information – you register directly with WaterART Fitness International. Candidates do need to register with the Virtual event to receive the appropriate links for the training (using their proper email address).

Should you miss the live presentation, you may either order through our home study option (check out CEC Programs under the Shop button) or you may order the event up to a week after the presentation if you have missed this.

Note: With the live streaming option you do not have to complete quizzes for Continuing Education Course credits (CECs). For full certification the exam process is the same as onsite or home study programs. The benefit of the Virtual Full Certification programs is that you have access to a Master Trainer who will guide you through the exam process and you receive the full home study materials as well as the additional video streaming presentations from the virtual training (which are unique and provide the practical tutoring).

Certified and Enthusiast members receive a discounted rate on this training as well as the many benefits of being a WaterART member. 

Please note that all sessions may be done either for renewal hours (CECs) or  to achieve another level of full Certification.

If you are completing the same full certification program via home study– you are invited to join into the virtual event free of charge (note you should email us so that you register for this option so that you will be on the specific virtual event list).

All certification candidates whether completing home study, virtual or onsite will receive up to six months after the event to complete the exam process as well as an automatic renewal of your existing qualifications  for two years from the current expiration date. 

(pdf)What is Virtual Training