V285 – Gentle Senior H2O Fitness 80+ Group (2 parts)



Part One video (54 minutes-original) Safety is paramount for any fitness program but with water fitness skills must be taught and learned to help residents gain the most benefits. Proper entrances and exists will be demonstrated as well as water safety skills to utilize the properties and protection of water.Realize at any given time you may have swimmers (who are typically more comfortable and skilled in water programs versus Non Swimmers who may be nervous or have less skills.

Part Two video: (52 minutes) This session will deal with basic movements as well as a review of the properties of water. Demonstration of the Working positions (body positions that change impact (vertical stress ) and intensity ( ways to make exercise harder or easier) so that you may program a variety of skills and abilities simultaneously. Always show the easiest way of moving first -then you may add progression or moves that require more skills. .

Learning Objectives

            1: Safe Working positions

            2: Basic Moves in the water

            3: Properties of Water

106 minutes running time


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