VV117 – 2.0 CEC Intro to Land Functional Personal Trainer Video and Quiz


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Welcome to the Opportunities of Land Personal Training. Whether you are just starting into this career option or expanding your career horizons, we know that the aging population is a quickly developing, unique and exciting group to work with. Seniors are becoming more selective and educated in the type of program they are looking for. Those interested in fitness are looking for encouragement and challenge with specific goals and benefits in mind. This means there is a need for a more personalized approach. Trainers need to have a good understanding of the aging process and how to develop functional and safe techniques to enhance well beingĀ  to create a purposeful senior exercise class. An individualized program can help clients to improve function for activities for daily living, work on injury prevention, provide improvement for their sporting activities, add vitality to travel, as well as maintain and improve general health to age well. Learn how the job of a personal trainer may be a wonderful area to expand your skills especially during the Covid-19 crisis.

116 minutes running time

Learning Objectives

  1. What a Personal Trainer must know to train effectively
  2. Keeping Documentation of exercises
  3. How to increase and decrease intensity of exercises


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