QZ081-Senior Mind Body Instructor Program CEC Quiz


2.0 CEC

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This quiz is based on the Senior Mind Body Instructor Program video. It teaches some some gentle yoga poses, pilates core work, and tai chi techniques while keeping a gentle mind-body focus. The fusion of these disciplines within the aquatic environment will provide added protection and support, as well as the traditional benefits of mind-body integration, stretch, balance, mental focus, relaxation, and energy flow in the buoyant and resistant environment of the water.

Learning Objectives

  1. Suggestions of movements  for Warm Up
  2. Exercises to combine moves from Tai Chi. Yoga and Pilates for effect
  3. How to incorporate the noodle into Mind Body movements

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You must have your own copy of the corresponding video to complete and submit this quiz for Continuing Education Credits (CECs). We do not allow sharing due to copyright and liability laws.

SKU: QZ081