QZ109-110 Sit and Stand Exercises no equipment & Fun in the Sun with balls, weights, and salsa 4.0 Quiz


4.0 CEC

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Quiz is based on the the following videos DVD109 & DVD110

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DVD109: Sit & Stand Chair Exercise without equipment

The old adage “no pain no gain” is turned on its head with this program. Every exercise is designed to allow each person to work at their personal best, take a break when needed, and, above all, do their “work-out” without pain. The most important instruction is for everyone to “Listen to Your Body”!  “If it hurts don’t do it!” All exercises are done while seated so are suitable for anyone with mobility problems or conditions that make it hard to stand for any length of time. All major muscles are targeted with both stretching and strengthening with suggestions for making any exercise less or more intense. There is no equipment involved in any of these exercises to help every instructor understand the safe starting point for all movement: i.e. without load. This is a program to watch many times to get lots of “starting” point ideas. 39 minutes.

Learning Objectives

  1. General program goals
  2. Moves for a chair c/v  “combo”
  3. OPffering alternate ways to do an exercise

DVD110: Fun in the Sun Sit & Stand Chair Exercise with weights, balls, and salsa.

Learning to add fun with function is key to helping older adults stay young. This program will review some Latin and Caribbean music to add life to your years and years to your life. Join Julie as she adds more styles and flavors for some familiar movements. This program will explore ways to keep your participants entertained and engaged. Keeping your programs fresh with new ideas is key for adherence and efficacy.The end of the program shows how to stretch standing or seated. 42 minutes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Reminders for the start of each program
  2. Cues for specific joint movement
  3. Promoting joint mobility

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