V141 – Practical Assessment Intro for Sit and Stand


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Part One: We had a few suggestions and insights that should be reviewed to understand the practical assessment with Joanne Hannan. I have not been a participant of a practical (via video) so I learned a few things that will be helpful to learn and utilize if you should do virtual training. 9 minutes running time

Part Two: For your practical assessment a Master Trainer may Skype, Facetime, Zoom or Google meet to help you along. Joanne could hear Julie’s suggestions as we were going along but unfortunately her mic didn’t record her comments; so we made some titles. Realize that practical candidates will need to write out their lesson plan and teach this and assessor will provide practical safety and efficacy tips with positive, specific and corrective feedback. Realize that lesson plans depend on who you are teaching, where you are teaching and average level of performance of your group. As an Instructor we suggest to provide many modifications and suggestions to decrease or increase intensity and complexity to suit the groups needs. Be sure to check in as you teach so you may adjust accordingly. Realize the video mirrors your body positions which takes a bit of time to get used to as you watch this back.

Learning Objectives

  1. Setting up good posture
  2. Modifications for Hip replacements
  3. Working with a resistance band

71 minutes running time


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